The new rule cancels the sanctions that gave Zenit the loser against Valencia and Baskonia

The Euroleague Shareholders Meeting approved the modification of the Special Regulations caused by the pandemic

Teams that cannot play their matches because they do not have a minimum of eight players due to covid19 will no longer be punished with a 200 defeat as before

The changes in the regulations have a retroactive effect so the defeats with which the Russian Zenit had been sanctioned for not being able to play the games against Valencia and Baskoniaare canceled and the matches will be rescheduled

In the same case are in the Eurocup the Slovenian Olimpia Ljubljana who was considered the loser in the match against Turkish Bursaspor and the other matches suspended for this reason will also be played those of Villeurbanne against Panathinaikos and Estrella Red in the Euroleague and those of Bourg en Bresse against Venice and Unics Kazan in the Eurocup

As established in the new regulations matches can be rescheduled up to three times if dates are available In the event that no date is available or the maximum of three cancellations is reached the club that caused the original suspension will lose the match

The deadlines to reschedule matches will be April 13 2021 for the regular season and May 5 for the Euroleague playoffs and December 22 for the regular phase and February 23 2021 for the Eurocup

Clubs emphasize the need to remain flexible and react to any possible situation in the future always respecting the general principles of protecting peoples health preserving the regularity of the competition and respecting its integrity and fairness

The clubs also agreed to reinforce the monitoring of health protocols and their execution by each team The last positive cases that have affected Spanish teams are those of Nikola Mirotic at Barça and Fabien Causeur at Real Madrid The two teams meet on Friday October 23 on the fifth day of the Euroleague

By Wi Zi

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