The Classic as a lifelineEl Clásico was for a long time the highest peak in football The world was fighting for an entrance because we were before the never seen It was played to know what sum of talents was more effective who was right between Mou and Pep who was better between Cristiano and Leo.

We did not know where to look Further back in time were the Galacticos a collection of gods with Figo treated as Judas when he stepped on the Camp Nou All big dazzling controversial with soccer overwhelmed socially and politically.

Today, in contrast, a Classic is played only overwhelmed by the pandemic which contaminates everything Without people but also without big signings However any Clásico puts us before and after and this is played by two teams that are struggling with their transition For one thing or another they both tremble at the consequences.

The lazy ball Bayern Munich is the unit of measure of excellence and as it passes it tells the truth to its rivals He scored eight goals for Barça and gave him the measure of his decline At Atlético he scored four and took the diagnosis further the League is losing competitiveness by jets For a long time the ball was the great ally of Spanish football.

Both in the tiqui and in the taca echoes the noise of that undetectable touch Rivals were dizzy with a stunning collective technique Now all the rivals seem more organized fast and determined also stronger in the disputes If Spanish football has remained without an answer it is because the ball addicted it Today all the players ask for it at the foot and keeping it seems more important than using it to unbalance Its not that rivals are faster its that the ball runs slower.

Crisis suitable for minorsCrises have a lot of imagination and create surprising opportunities They force us to search and put us before unthinkable paradoxes Crises sometimes work Barça without going any further It is a lie that Barça has not made an effort to surround Messi with the talent to help him grow old Coutinho Dembélé or Griezmann are market efforts of more than one hundred million each Then the time and the court made them debatable players Otherwise we would not have discovered two dazzling 17yearolds Ansu Fati with a round body a dry ability and determined before the goal and Pedri with a more winged game fun dribbling and a glance that at the speed of reflex turns into decisions When the atmosphere is charged with tension the freshness of young talents is a good solution.

By Wi Zi

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