Takaaki Nakagami LCR fourth in Jerez fifth overall says that he does not hide any secrets That the improvement of the Honda in this final stretch of the championship both of his Honda a satellite and that of Álex Márquez the official does not respond more than to the normal evolution of a rider and his motorcycle.

Honda also assures that it has not revolutionized the concept of its RC213V which has been written so much in recent years because it is considered critical in terms of usability Very fast very strong in braking and with such gross acceleration that it compromised the exit of the corners Today he may have sacrificed a few top km h to improve his handling which is more necessary than ever since he lost the man who knew better how to handle it and the one who squeezed all his juice Marc Márquez injured since he fell in the first race of the year.

Álex Márquez the rookie explained two podiums in the last two appointments that he has understood that the way to be fast with the Honda is to seek perfection in all facets of riding when braking at the entrance of the curve in full swing tilt at the start pulling acceleration In his hands the Honda looks like another It even flows in curved lines Nakagami certified it this Friday just a few hours before taking pole 1m 46′8s the first pole positionIn the three courses he has taken in MotoGP the first for a Japanese rider in 16 years –the last Japanese to achieve it was Makoto Tamada also a Honda rider.

“You have to give 100 in each area yes you relax if you do not concentrate to the maximum it is a motorcycle with which you easily hit the ground with it you are always close to the limit but if you manage to take it to 100 it has a lot of potential ” And thats what he did this Saturday his mind set free after renewing his contract with the factory of his dreams And he will start first with Morbidelli and Rins at last a Suzuki reaches the front row of the grid at his side.

Repeating the weekend on the same circuit where the race was run last Sunday helped some of them take that last step that they failed to take in the previous three days This was the case of Nakagami one of the dominators of free practice these days at the Alcañiz circuit super constant in the race he is the only driver who has scored in all this races surely driven in Alcañiz by good manners and the good results of Álex Márquez tenth this Saturday in the last grand prix.

Some have also used some to try to solve the problems of the last test in Alcañiz in the case of the three main contenders for the MotoGP title Mir Quartararo or Viñales who suffered a week ago to sneak into the top 10 of the race complicated their performance from lack of grip or front tire drop Of course in the case of Mir leader of the championship despite not having yet achieved a victory classification is still a pending issue He barely reaches the pass on Saturdays unable to make that Suzuki so consistent on Sundays a machine with which he can also attack the top positions of the grid with a fast lap He finished 12th this Saturday.

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