Rugby as an exception to confinement Ireland the first European country to decree national confinement in the second wave of the covid19 pandemic will see the visit of Italy on television a match that could not be played on March 7.

The XV del Trébol one of the three candidates to win the Six Nations speaks of this Saturdays duel at 430 pm as a national relief It will be the return of the great rugby tournament 32 weeks after its break four games in two weeks and a sea of ​​doubts about what to do in 2021 This is how the tournament that is usually resolved in seven weeks will have a champion after 273 days.

“We have the feeling that the whole country will be watching us It is something that usually makes us feel lucky but this is an even greater responsibility ” the Irish captain Jonathan Sexton underlined in the previous one Rightly so the pressure is on Ireland He must not only win the match something he has achieved in 19 of his 20 matches against Italy in the tournament but look at the difference in points scored and received a luck called to decide the tournament.

The three remaining matches will remain for Saturday 31 WalesScotland ItalyEngland and FranceIreland The English are the favorites They have 13 points and a victory with the bonus point of the four trials against Italy would take them to 18.

In this scenario more than likely Ireland is the only team that could surpass them and reaches 19 To do this he would have to beat Italy and France with that offensive bonus If the Irish won with a bonus point against Italy but not in Paris they would equalize with the English and everything would be decided on the average, For now, England has 10 more points but it could all come down to who beats Italy by more points.

This is how rugby seeks to fight the pandemic in a precarious way Since a year without more international meetings was contemplated in April the uneven evolution of each country in the health field has generated different rhythms Oceania sets the standard Australia and New Zealand finished their club competitions in a national format with an audience and played their first international match since March in front of 31000 spectators on October 11 Both will play with Argentina a late Rugby Championship that this year will not have South Africa which has refused to participate due to the impact of the pandemic.

The Six Nations 2021 start date is up in the air The five-game format over seven weeks between February and March could be altered Organizers are exploring the option of delaying it until the public can return en masse to the stadiums The English authorities have moved away from that scenario until at least the end of March and the national rugby federation Rugby Football Union estimates a loss of 138 million pounds if the three matches that it would play at home were held without an audience.

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