Jimmy Butler thwarted the Lakers’ desire to reach a title that they cherished and for which they still have a 3-2 advantage. The number one of the Heat.

With his formidable performance, delayed the resolution of the NBA final at least until the sixth game to be played at dawn from Sunday to Monday (1.30, #Vamos and Movistar Deportes).

The fifth game was won by the Miami Heat (108-111) thanks above all to that prodigious work of their leader. His triple-double, with 35 points

12 rebounds and 11 assists, speaks for itself, but it is not enough to define the enormous and unbalanced task of this Texan player who, at 30 years old, seems to have reached his maximum potential and a capacity to lead his team that until now were in doubt.

He did it all, played base once again given Goran Dragic’s absence due to injury, defended LeBron James, surpassed the individual marking to which Anthony Davis subjected him again, generated the game and, when agreed, often ended it. . And he gave his team plenty of second chances with five steals and five rebounds on offense.

Butler ended up asphyxiated because, in addition to being the almost permanent protagonist, he hardly rested. He played 47 minutes and still scored eight of his team’s ten points in the final two minutes.

He also did it in an exchange with LeBron James in what at times seemed a personal matter. He wrote down one, and immediately the other.

LeBron James was almost always at the superlative level, even better in some aspects such as triples, with six hits on nine shots for a total of 40 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals.

By Wi Zi

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