“In constant communication with the organization of the race, his transfer by ambulance to another place was organized to isolate himself in quarantine. Although the other riders [only five are still in the race, after the retirement of Yates and the previous ones of Bookwalter and Affini] have tested negative, we will continue to test them daily ”.

The Mitchelton notes that Yates “was isolated in his individual room during the process.” The Giro, however, has not changed its custom and only pays the teams four rooms for the eight riders, so that in most teams, the riders share a room.

The Giro protocol, imposed by the International Cycling Union (UCI), required that all team bubbles (30 people) arrive in Sicily with two negative PCR tests carried out six and three days before.

In addition, all of them, as in the Tour , will be subjected to new PCRs on the two Monday rest, the 12th and the 19th. The next batch is awaited with apprehension by all the teams, who have no difficulty in assuming that neither Yates He has been infected out of nowhere or that it is most likely that English has infected one of his contacts during the 10 days of coexistence in the Giro already completed.

“It leaves me a bit perplexed that Yates is the only positive of the team, it is difficult to understand,” says Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro. “In any case, that there has been a single case after 10 days of racing with the growth of Covid 19 that is being observed in Italy and abroad is not so serious. It is an important signal that forces us to follow the situation more closely.

One, even if it is an important broker, is not significant. We will see the results of the tests on Monday, and if the number of positives is important we will have to review the situation ”.

“The success of the Tour, the fact that there was no case of contagion between runners, was the success of the rigor with which we assumed all prevention measures,” says Eusebio Unzue, director of Movistar, who has returned to Spain after staying in Italy with the team the first week of the Giro.

“And that success, and the circumstances of Italy, a country in which the pandemic seemed to be more under control, perhaps has relaxed us all a bit and is less rigorous than in France.”

Other people who follow the Giro also reflect a loosening of customs, not only in the peloton but also in the organization of starts and finishes.

By Wi Zi

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