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The Japanese engineers and technicians of the Motorcycle World Championship are practically exiled. Many of them have not returned to Japan since the first race of the year was held in mid-July at the Jerez circuit.

In addition, aware as they are that the forced quarantine every time they land in Japan would prevent them from attending the 14 grand prix planned between July and November, all of them Japanese members of Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki – are concentrated, as in a stageendless preseason, in Andorra.

Now, some have had to add to their state, in addition to exile, total confinement and isolation in their temporary residences, between mountains that will be less green every day with the arrival of the first snowfalls.

This is the case of six of the Monster Yamaha Team engineers, who have not been able to travel to Le Mans this weekend for the French GP after one of them tested positive in the last PCR test that was carried out before to travel to the neighboring country.

One of the Japanese members of the Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales team was infected, and after the relevant second test that confirmed both the initial positive and the other five negatives, the six among them is Takahiro Sumi.

The project leader and responsible for the development of the M1, one of the great bosses of the tuning fork factory they have had to stay in Andorra and are isolated while the quarantine passes to avoid endangering the bubble in which it has become a MotoGP paddock .

Although, the confinement has not prevented them from working. They do it remotely and telematically, like many now in these times of pandemic.

“They use a system to be able to be connected with the box during the sessions. Thus, at all times they know what is happening ”, they explain from Yamaha.

And, although they do not want to provide too many details about the case, they cannot prevent one of their pilots, Viñales in this case, from escaping that he can hear them perfectly through the speakers they have mounted in the garage.

By Wi Zi

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