Trevor Bauer has hinted at joining the Angels, but if he signs with the New York Yankees, it would give them one of the most dominant one two punches in baseball. The Yankees’ current ace Gerrit Cole, who signed a record breaking 9-year $324 million contract last offseason after appearing in the World Series with the Houston Astros.

The agent for Trevor Bauer though has just shot down a report that Trevor is in ‘deep negotiations’ to sign a contract with the Yankees.

Adam King tweeted, “BREAKING: @BauerOutage in deep talks with multiple teams including the @Yankees (Yes his agent confirmed this to me!): #Yankees @SimonettiSource @_NYYNEWS @xiggy89x @Kristen_MarieNY @amber00827 @TheNYYBabe @allstargleyber @AshleyHuckins @erinmmg.” Trevor Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba shot back, “lol I don’t even know you…?”

A fan named ML wrote, “Rachel just ignore Adam King. Through the delusional ramblings of his mind he really believes he’s a actual ‘MLB insider.’

He is not in a healthy state of mind, you are known to be active on social media, yet he though he could tweet this lie. Very telling about his state of mind.”

Steven Hopkins responded, “The a$$ hat’s sh!tty site doesn’t even work…and he calls himself a journalist. Way to call the buffoon out…us @BauerOutage fans got your back!”

Rachel Luba also responded to MLB offseason moves being slow, with fans being bored. Luba tweeted, “Become an agent—you won’t be bored.”

Agent Rafa Nieves added, “I think it’s a product of the stay-at-home order in LA County, my lack of interest in college football, no baseball on TV and not flying to the winter meetings tomorrow.”

Luba responded, “That’s fair—it’s definitely more relaxing without the winter meetings craziness!”

By Wi Zi

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