Trevor Bauer signing with the Angels is every fan in Orange County’s dream. Bauer dropped a hint that he is considering taking his talents to the Los Angeles Angels on his Twitter account late Thursday night, with his agent Rachel Luba also making cryptic remarks.

Bauer, baseball’s top pitching free agent, tweeted, “Hey at Halos fans, you up?” owner Chuck Richter responded, “Hi Trevor, we’re the fanbase that never sleeps or slumbers. We’ve been holding out hope for that ‘piece’ that transforms the #Angels from a good club with the best player in baseball to a perennial championship force to be reckoned with. @AgentRachelLuba let’s get pen to paper!😇.”

Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba shot back, “Well now I sure as hell am—thanks for lighting up my mentions with Angels fans bud 😂👌🏻 Hi Angels fans—I hear and see you, don’t worry!”

WopPhil on questioned the idea of signing Bauer, preferring other moves to bolster the Angels’ pitching staff. He wrote, “As much as I’d love Bauer, I assume it would leave little cash for other moves. Would we be better off with Bauer and a Straley type, or Richards/Kluber/Quintana?”

GotBeer added, “I think it depends on what you think of the rotation. With Bauer, that would be: Bauer, Bundy, Heaney, Canning, Barria. And as people have pointed out, all I think don’t have options to be sent down. The other question is how much. This could very well be a back loaded contract, with all the questions of the Rona. For instance, just throwing numbers out.

But say he gets a 5/$150. But it’s $10 million for this year, $35 million for each year after that? If I was Bauer’s agent, that’s what I’d go for, in case we have a partial season again and that $10 million becomes $4 million, as opposed to $30 million becoming $18 million. So does that mean that the Angels have -$30 million in cap space or -$10 million in actual payroll to spend?”

The Angels recently hired new General Manager Perry Miniasian, who made his first major trade this week, acquiring veteran SS Jose Iglesias from the Baltimore Orioles for two minor league pitchers.

By Wi Zi

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