The couple lived the beginning of their love story discreetly but they got married in a massive wedding that took place in the church of the Hospital Tavera de Toledo and which was attended by many famous faces.

Only a year later they had their first child, Jorge, who is now the first-born of a large family that has been joined by three other siblings, Manuel (2010), Gonzalo (2013) and Jaime (2016). While Manuel Martos shares on his social networks mainly images that have to do with music.

A rule that breaks whenever a family event slips into those that have to do with his professional dedication– and with some of the singers that he personally takes, such as David Bisbal, Pablo López or Manuel Carrasco

His wife does not stop show that it is pure energy. Every day a publication hangs and her followers have not stopped growing, especially during the months of confinement in which her husband parked his shyness and launched himself to demonstrate his humorous vein by participating in the videos published by his wife.

Between them they published one in which they answered in unison and with closed eyes questions about their personality as a couple. There they discovered that Amelia is more jealous than Manuel, that he was the one who launched into her first kiss

That he is more patient and that he is also the first to apologize after a fight. But she is the funniest and most sociable, the one who cooks the best and the one who gets the most angry. Of course, they did not agree on who earns more money of the two and decided by gestures to stay in a draw.

Both are famous from birth for their respective parents, but they have managed to succeed on their own. The son of Raphael and the aristocrat Natalia Figueroa went from being in the background to trying his luck in music with a rock group, Mota, along with his friend.

But he soon decided to put himself at the back of the music business and has ended up becoming one of the artistic directors of the Universal Music record label, a position that turned out to be his media shuttle when he timidly peeked into Spanish homes as a jury of the triumphant return.

Of Operación Triunfo in 2017. Amelia Bono seems to bring the spontaneity of series and, although she studied Children’s Teaching, she has channeled her sociable character in the world of fashion.

Together with her mother, Ana Rodríguez, she manages several stores of the Tous jewelry franchise in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha, and she also dared to hit the track as a contestant on the TV1 program Bailando con las Estrellas in 2018.

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