How lucky I am because 14 years later I continue to give thanks every day. And I know that it will be like this every day of my life.

Just a few weeks ago Amelia Bono, who uses her Instagram account as a showcase for fashion firms of which she herself acts as a model and prescriber, answered a question from one of her followers about the moment she met who her husband since June 27, 2008: “It was seeing him and I knew he was the man of my life.”

The affinity they have as a couple and their mutual declarations of love are part of the publications that Amelia Bono makes and one of the reasons why she has won the admiration of her followers

Who are waiting impatiently for the new ideas that occur to them to star together. Ideas that usually have a musical motif as their background, perhaps a nod to Manuel Martos’ work as a producer at the Universal record company and to his role as part of the jury of the latest editions of the OperaciĆ³n Triunfo program .

Now that both have resumed their respective activities, she as her mother’s partner in several of the Tous franchises that they manage, and he as a music producer, the videos they make together are more sporadic, but during the months of confinement due to of the pandemic, the couple became the kings of good family vibes thanks to the videos that were posted on Instagram.

By Wi Zi

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