The crushes exist or at least that is what Amelia Bono, the daughter of former socialist minister Jose Bono, believes about her relationship with Manuel Martos, son of singer Raphael.

They met 14 years ago and since then their relationship has grown in the private environment but also in the public eye, because the funny videos that they star together on social networks and sometimes accompanied by their children or another member of the family, have made it clear that between them there is a complicity and a connection that has hooked their followers.

On Monday Ame lia Bono posted on her Instagram account,in which she has 317,000 followers, photographs of her husband with which she wanted to remember the day they met. “14 years from the day I met the man of my life,

14 years being the happiest woman in the world. I love you ”, he wrote in the text that accompanied the publication. He replied, “I adore you,” and she showed the bouquet of roses that her husband had given her on the occasion of that particular anniversary.

But this time, Martos also dedicated a few beautiful words to his wife on his Instagram account: “14 years ago I saw her coming down the stairs of the Chesterfield Café in Madrid. The world stopped, time and I saw my whole life ahead with her.

By Wi Zi

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