Rins and Mir, a bit more MotoGP leader, complete the podium in a race that only finished 15 riders

Not so many years ago the Motorcycle World Championship responded to the most basic mathematical operation two plus two There were only two factories Yamaha and Honda

There were barely four drivers to keep an eye on The sum was round with the arrival of Casey Stoner to Honda So the victories were shared between Lorenzo Rossi Pedrosa and the talented Australian Any result that came out of that pool used to have an explanation

As soon as the rain or an unexpected fall gave rise to a supporting actor in the photo on the podium That dichotomy was broken by the refreshing irruption in MotoGP of an irreverent Marc Márquez whom time and his aggressive riding left as the only benchmark in the premier category of motorcycling

Absent the man to beat injured and the only survivor of those fantastic four Valentino Rossi confined at home a handful of boys with hardly any track record have taken the reins of MotoGP

As in Bertolt Brechts theater or in Los extras by José Sanchis Sinisterra the secondary actors are today the ones who win races get on the podium and overtake the protagonists of a play that despite being held in the middle of the health crisis or perhaps because of that has gained in emotion and capacity for surprise

In Alcañiz almost all the intriguing was contributed this Sunday by Morbidelli and Rins launched and determined as soon as the traffic light went out

Not even a small touch at the start stopped the Italian convinced that he could impose his rhythm from the first corners as he did a few Sundays ago with his first category victory at the Misano circuit

There was no one other than Barcelona capable of pursuing him Delicate in his riding the first with a satellite Yamaha the second very fine and elegant with the constant Suzuki both careful with the wear of the tires the perfection of their line turned them into two parallel lines They never got together

First and second in Teruel they animate a championship that was unleashed the same day that Márquez lost control of his motorcycle in Jerez during the first race of the year

There were many more surprises this Sunday It was to attend the umpteenth protest race of Pol Espargaró who discovers a fairly constant KTM also aggressive like his style on the handlebars

He overtook the protagonists Quartararo and Viñales almost without disheveled And also to another secondary Zarco Ducati who insists on claiming himself as a great pilot no matter how well he allows himself to have bad days

Fourth the Catalan fifth the French sheltered a podium that Mir Suzuki completed despite not having hit the key driven by his courage and the responsibility already assumed to defend the leadership of the general Its not going to be that the World Cup ends tomorrow

That in times of pandemic and the curfew already adjusted as in the most brutal of fictions you never know The Mallorcan did not lose his face in the race at any time that although unable to keep up with his teammate Rins he was very clear that he could not be behind Viñales And in that advance he bet everything

For his part neither Maverick himself nor Quartararo demonstrated to have the biting and mischief that is required of the main actors in the plot

Seventh and eighth unable to pamper those tires whose performance was compromised in Aragon impossible to drive their Yamaha like this they only think about arriving in Valencia to see if the change of scenery will help them fix what two disappointing races in Aragonese lands they have been taken ahead Luckily there are only 14 and 19 points that still separate them from Mir when there are still 75 at stake

It has already been seen how in this championship the pilot best prepared for victory can disappear from the map in less than it takes to open the curtain and start the farce This weekend for example it was as mindblowing to see Hondas satellite rider Takaaki Nakagami take pole position on Saturday as it was disappointing to see him on the ground in just four corners

How sad it is to see an outsider run out of a motorcycle in no time The same lasted Binder and Miller Alex Márquez followed the same path the one to the pits with ten laps to go and after another fantastic comeback With the abandonments of Bagnaia and Aleix Espargaró the race would end with only 15 riders standing

So was this Grand Prix in Teruel the second in a row at the Alcañiz circuit The list of contenders for victory was as long as the list of contenders for the title which no one wants to give up Neither Morbidelli 25 points behind Mir overall nor Rins 32 teammates of the two boys on whom all eyes were on weeks ago Quartararo and Mir leaders of the platoon this time leaders this Sunday of the revolution of the extras

In such a crazy World Cup nobody wants to be discarded Only someone with Doviziosos experience who knows that the 28 points that separate him from the leader today are too many considering that his feelings with the Ducati have never finished being good The 13th place in Alcañiz did not help

By Wi Zi

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