The ACB match of the sixth day is relocated on Wednesday, November 4, in a calendar that does not stop accumulating difficulties and setbacks

The ACBannounced this morning that the Bilbao BasketReal Madrid match scheduled for this afternoon at 800 pm in the Miribilla pavilion is postponed when a positive for covid19 is detected in the Madrid squad that of the French guard Fabien Causeur

The player is asymptomatic and isolated at home following the usual protocol and the meeting will be relocated on Wednesday November 4 on a calendar that continues to accumulate tightness and setbacks in the national and European competition

This week Madrid played on Wednesday against Khimki who arrived at the WiZink Center with eight players available due to positives and injuries and on Friday against Armani Milan at the Mediolanum

Lasos team has scheduled the match against Obradoiro for this Tuesday which in turn moved the date due to the postponement of Gran CanariaReal Madrid and on Friday the classic Euroleague between Barça and Barcelona will be played at the Palau Madrid

The ACB whose ideology is to handle cases in health and not numerical terms to protect the health of the squads has led the way to the Euroleague in the solution of rescheduling matches regardless of the available players

In the third week of competition the first with a double day of matches the Euroleague had cases and setbacks accumulating with Russian teams Khimki Zenit and CSKA and French Asvel as the main affected The proliferation of positives and the activation of the established sanctions opened the debate on the risk of distorting the competition

The Euroleague reacted and rectified its regulations Teams that cannot play a match because they do not have a minimum of eight players will not be penalized with the loss of the match by 200 as stated in the initial regulations but instead they will opt for relocation as in the Endesa League

To try to anticipate the uncertainty the ACB prepared 17 alternative calendar models for this season depending on the space between competitions and the hypothesis of a complete suspension of days and another 20 more schedules for more manageable contingencies such as the recovery of loose matches

A total of 37 alternatives for a course that adds up the FIBA window squeezes and the Olympic dates But neither ACB nor Euroleague opted for a smaller and more accessible calendar compared to the current one which could lead teams like Madrid or Barça to play more than 90 games In just one month of competition the postponements follow one another

The bubble resourceannounced as a possible alternative by the CEO of the Euroleague Jordi Bertomeu would not be compatible with the development of the ACB either The puzzle gets complicated

BilbaoReal Madrid is the seventh game postponed due to covid cases in 6 days of the Endesa League The Euroleague has yet to relocate another four AsvelPanathinaikos BaskoniaZenit AsvelRed Star and ValenciaZenit after four days

The ACB protocol marks the performance of tests on all teams with a maximum of 72 hours before the start of the day If in these tests a positive appears as has happened this time with Causeur the case in question is subjected to a second test at 24 hours already with the team in isolation

If the endorsement test is negative normality is resumed If the positive persists the tests are repeated on the entire squad and the competition dynamics are paralyzed until the negative of all is verified Once the condition of fit has been certified the suspended match is relocated

Between the first positive and the repetition of the test to all the team members 48 hours would pass a longer period than those handled by La Liga de Fútbol In the latest update of the ACB health protocol the existence of an outbreak in a team is determined when three or more positive cases due to active infection are detected

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