Famous for his NBA career, but also for his marriage to Khloé Kardashian and his troubled private life, the player has found a controversial path to recovery and will tell about it in a documentary

On October 13 2015 Las Vegas 911 received a call from the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal Nevada a notorious legal prostitution den located just over an hours drive from downtown Las Vegas I just know that it seems like he is about to stop breathing She visibly upset the emergency operator Mitzy Jones the manager of the club

Hurry up please because blood is coming out of his nose and a white thing is coming out of his mouth We cant wake him up Hes like Hes not breathing was the only thing he managed to pronounce

A burly black man was knocked out on a bed beside her He had taken some cocaine a bottle of cognac and about ten doses of a substance called Herbal Viagra

A supposed natural sexual stimulant with totally unpredictable effects It was three in the afternoon of their fourth day of revelry

According to Dennis Hof the owner of the premises a famous brothel owner who for years had a reality show on HBO called Cathouse the client had paid 75000 to spend between four and five days partying with two girls in his room without interruption

That man was called Lamar Odomand he was an NBA star even though he hadnt been on any team for two years That day while lying unconscious in that place in the middle of the desert he suffered 12 microbrain attacks six heart attacks and two cardiac arrests Miraculously he came out alive

From succeeding with the Lakers and being a television star to hitting rock bottom

Although he was already retired from professional basketball Odom was still a superstar Some knew him for his sporting successes with the Lakers but most knew him for being the husband of Khloé Kardashian

He had married her in 2009 after a month of dating and had become a recurring star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians the show of Kim Kardashian and her sisters whose first seasons can be seen on Netflix Such was the success that for two years the couple also had their own show called Khloé Lamar

In October 2015 however Lamar and Khloés marriage was going through very low hours In fact both of them had already signed the divorce papers requested by Khloé in early summer But in reality they were still legally married since the claim had not been upheld by a judge

After learning what happened the third of the Kardashians perhaps thinking that Lamar would not come out of it alive decided to withdraw the lawsuit postpone the problems between them and go to the hospital to take care of her ex As expected Lamars accident and convalescence were conveniently documented by the reality cameras starring her and the other members of her family

Money success fame and a good pile of crap under the rug

Lamars relationship with fame however begins long before his terrible episode of overdose and his entry into the Kardashian clan And it has the makings of a typical selfmade story money success fame and over the years a good pile of crap under the rug

Odom was born in Queens New York From a very young age he was a boy with a lot of talent for sports but at the same time with a childhood full of difficulties His parents Joseph and Cathy met in a very romantic way he gave her the only subway ticket he had left to drive her home from the city center He had to walk 72 blocks but in the long run the sacrifice paid off

Unfortunately the beautiful love story soon turned into a nightmare Joseph was a Vietnam veteran who had become addicted to heroin in the military and the addiction ended up destroying his family in which the mistreatment and continuous arguments were the usual tonic It is difficult for me to remember something pleasant from my first years of life says Lamar in his bookMemories published in Spain by the Contra publishing house

Khloe Kardashian with Lamar Odom at the Yeezy Season 3 Show The Kanye West Collection in New York in 2016
Khloe Kardashian with Lamar Odom at the Yeezy Season 3 Show The Kanye West Collection in New York in 2016 GETTY AGENCY
Her father ended up leaving the family home and Cathy had to find work and go live with her grandmother Mildred There things calmed down a bit for a while But misfortune struck again when Cathy died of colon cancer when Lamar was only 12 years old

Lamar recalls in the book how his mother hid her illness from him and that when he went to see her after being admitted to the hospital he saw her smaller It was like he was disappearing The day she died I hardly recognized her

I doubt anyone can be prepared to lose their mother at 12 continues Odom Family tragedies shaped his character which also grew with a deep hatred for his father while seeking his approval

Joseph reappeared in her life after Cathys death In theory he was already clean but the wounds were still open I thought he could come in and put 20 in my hand and that would all work out Odom says I didnt know it at the time but my father had given me a way of being

And I ended up making the same mistakes that he had made After losing my mother the only two reasons I moved on were my grandmother and basketball Those two things were my protective shield And the truth is that he was a sports star from the beginning

An almost exemplary sports career

In 1997 at just 18 years old he was chosen as the best precollege player by Parade magazine and won several more national awards By then he was already rubbing shoulders with future NBA teammates and stars such as Kobe Bryant or Ron Artest who would later change his name to Metta World Peace

In the chronicles that talk about him in the media of the time there is always reference to the fact that Lamar in addition to being an extraordinary player was an excellent companion and the funny boy in the locker room Always with a smile on your face

From then on basketball gave him everything he could imagine he swept the university leagues and in 1999 he entered the NBA after being selected by the Los Angeles Clippers where he began a very promising career although not without controversy

During the four seasons he spent in the franchise he was sanctioned twice with five games for marijuana use

Lamar Odom playing for the Lakers in May 2010
Lamar Odom playing for the Lakers in May 2010 GETTY
After a brief stint at the Miami Heat he was traded for Shaquille ONeil and recruited the Los Angeles Lakers the team where he truly became a star

During the seven seasons he spent there with Kobe and Pau Gasol he won two championship rings 2009 and 2010 and was named the best sixth man in the league in 2011 In 2010 he also won gold in the World Championship with the American team

They are his golden years he just married Khloé he is always on screen and in the professional field everything is perfect But the back room of his life is fraught with problems

In an interview he gave to Entertainment Tonight he acknowledged that his private life was actually a real disaster he used cocaine every day he started in 2003 and claims he spent about 100 million on drugs but although he became addicted he was also a master at hiding it

On one occasion during the 2004 Athens Olympics he used a penisfake filled with synthetic urine to pass a doping control He also slept with different women on a regular basis and had to take care of countless abortions It took Khloé years to find out about all this

In the same interview Lamar acknowledged that the example of his father and the death in 2006 of his son Jayden the result of a previous relationship when he was only six months old were the triggers for his tendency to use substances anxiety and depression It was from that year that his addictions soared

And the recovery arrives

I didnt even know where he was Lamar said in an interview on The Dr Oz Podcast about the months he spent in the hospital In midFebruary 2016 he reappeared at the presentation of his stillbrotherinlaw Kanye Wests new collection Yeezy Season 3 in New York They entered the event together but shortly after the rapper was no longer in his family because his marriage to Khloé ended legally in December 2016

And although physically he was somewhat better Lamar was still a long way from solving his mental problems and his addictions They were two specters that stalked him and even more so with his newly released singleness

It could all start over with a crazy night So when a trusted friend who worked in the CBD industry told him about ketamine treatment he didnt hesitate to give it a try Ive always been against using IV drugs because of my fathers story Odom told Dr Oz

But if there was any chance that this drug would help me improve my depression and anxiety I thought Ill do whatever I tried it and it started working right away

Lamar with his fiancee fitness trainer Sabrina Parr
Lamar with his fiancee fitness trainer Sabrina Parr
From the first session he felt liberated all his mental problems faded and although it is not very common among people who use ketamine under medical supervision he also went into a pleasant hallucinatory state

The first time I took it it was like I had gone to heaven I felt I dont know A lot of love and emotion The Ketamine is an anesthetic substance discovered in the sixties and has traditionally been used as a tranquilizer for large animals like horses and elephants

Starting in the 1980s it began to be sold on the black market as a recreational drug and was consumed mainly in electronic music clubs Its consumption usually produces absence of pain lightheadedness hallucinations and dissociation

In recent times ketamine has emerged as the great hope for treating depression and post traumatic stress

It has been tested in clinical trials with very good results since the early 2000s and research has already paid off in March of last year the US Drug Administration FDA approved the marketing of a nasal spray called Spravato produced by Johnson Johnson and that it contains esketamine a substance almost identical to ketamine to treat people with depression

The experience has marked Odom so much that he even agreed to make a documentary entitled Lamar Odom Reborn directed by Mike Zapolin which has no release date yet

In it he will tell about his experience with the substances that have given him a little peace in his life for now On August 22 of this year Lamar and his current partner fitness trainer Sabrina Parr announced their intention to marry on November 11 2021

The event even already has a hashtag TheOdomsLastDance although the post in which it officially They announced their wedding disappeared a few days ago

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