and Honey Cricket Badger combine take on world

Cricket Badger is delighted to announce a partnership with Honey Badger Cricket, a dynamic new cricket bat company based in Auckland in New Zealand.

_HB logo largeThe partnership will enable Cricket Badger (CB) to extend its cricket coverage and also gives Honey Badger Cricket a push to the international bat buying public.

Honey Cricket Badger is also sponsoring WCB’s coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and the website’s extensive coverage from the UAE in March 2015 as a number of English counties prepare for the county season ahead.

The website has seen a rapid growth in site traffic, which has more than trebled over the last three months. Honey Badger Cricket is also quickly developing its market share of the quality cricket bat market.

The new partnership is more than just a meeting of badgers!

“We are really pleased with the growth of visitors to the Badger website and are excited to welcome Honey Badger Cricket into our future plans,” said James Buttler, Editor of CB. “When growing our business we were keen to attract investment, but only from the right people who have a genuine interest in the global game. The fact that they are badgers too is an added bonus.

“In England a cricket badger is an affectionate term for a cricket geek who lives and sleeps the sport and wants to know all they can,” he continued.

“Honey Badger Cricket is a perfect fit for us as a business partner. They provide quality cricket equipment to a global market and are genuine badgers – they love the game.”

Jim Birchall, the managing director of Honey Badger Cricket, said, “Our goal is to form a successful partnership with Cricket Badger,a professional cricket news website with broad appeal into our target market.

“As cricket enthusiasts we have read with interest and have seen it develop into a site that covers the sport around the world. To add our support is exciting and we look forward to a long partnership which will see our bats being used by players all around the world.”

WCB is an online cricket magazine covering cricket around the globe with a focus on the domestic game. It was launched in 2013 by a small number of English cricket journalists in the UK who had seen a drop in the amount of newspaper inches given to the English county game as publications devoted the majority of their budgets to prioritise international cricket coverage.

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