Sachin Tendulkar call upon Banerjee to hone son’s bowling skills

Sachin Tendulkar has approached former India cricketer Subroto Banerjee “to look after” his son Arjun’s bowling skills.

“Around three months ago, my friend Sachin Tendulkar ‘requested’ me to oversee his son’s bowling and that’s how I have come into the picture,” Banerjee said. “During our discussions Arjun’s name came up and I was asked to see his bowling and we decided to fine-tune his bowling.”

“No, I don’t want to be called as ‘another Achrekar’ for Sachin’s son, but will try my level best to see him progress well,” the 46-year-old former fast bowler added. “Arjun is also an opening batsman and not merely a tail-end batsman, but he is bit a bowler more.

“Sachin has been advising him on his batting and I look after his bowling.

“Arjun is a talented boy and looks promising,” Banerjee continued. “He is a good learner but we don’t want to foresee whether he would earn as much fame as his father.

“Every individual is different and we don’t put pressure on this 14-year-old boy.

“Let him enjoy the game for the time being.”

Arjun Tendulkar has been practicing daily at BKC or MIG under Banerjee’s watchful eyes.

“Initially, I will look after the boy for one year and then decide where he goes.”

Banejee played 1 Test and 6 ODIs for India. During his visit to Australia with Indian team in 1992, he became Sachin’s friend. To ensure proper and professional coaching to his friend’s son, Banejee left the job of coaching Jharkhand and Vidarbha teams.

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