Brad Hogg is evergreen and intent on playing on for WA

Brad Hogg turns 43 on Thursday and is showing no signs of hanging up his playing boots. He is incredibly celebrating the 20th anniversary of his first class debut for Western Australia and looking forward to taking on the Sydney Sixers in the BBL03 semi-finals at the SCG on Wednesday.

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Brad Hogg’s debut 20-years ago was coincidentally at the SCG where he is line to play this week, the same venue where, three weeks ago, the Scorchers triumphed in a super over.

The two clubs have an emerging rivalry based on tight tussles, as well as the BBL|01 Grand Final.

“I want to go as long as I can”, Hogg said when asked about whether he will be retiring any time soon. “I’m enjoying my cricket, I’m having some success personally and as a team.

“As long as I’m enjoying the team environment I’ll keep going as long as I can.

“The way I’m feeling now, I think probably another two (years), but anything can happen”, he continued. “If I’m not playing enough cricket before the Big Bash next year there’s no point.

“You can’t walk into it without playing any cricket.”

“I came up to Perth as an opening bowler, then ended up playing Shield cricket as a bat and now represented my country as a spin bowler”, he reflected on 20-years in the game. “My career has had an interesting progress, probably not the same route as every other cricketer.

“I wouldn’t change a thing, I don’t want to be anyone else, I’ve had a great journey.

“I’ve played with and against some of the best cricketers the world’s ever seen and at present I’m really enjoying my time with the youth of WA cricket.”

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