Supreme Court lawyer to defend Sangwan drug charges

Indian Premier League (IPL) pace bowler Praddep Sangawn has hired a Supreme Court lawyer to defend drug charges Chetan Chauhan, the DDCA (Delhi and District Cricket Association) vice president, has revealed.


Chetan Chauhan said on Tuesday evening, “Sangwan has hired the services of Singhania, the Supreme Court barrister to fight his case”.

Second Test - Australia v Pakistan: Day 4Earlier this season, the 23-year-old all rounder was tested positive in a random dope test conducted during the 2013 IPL season. His ‘A’ samples reportedly showed presence of banned substances.

“I was not present when his first and preliminary inquiry was held. It was a sort of an introductory hearing, where his lawyer was made aware about the charges he has been facing”, Chauhan added.

“The regular hearing is now likely to take place within few weeks”.

Sangawan has been representing Delhi and has played for Delhi Daredevils and the Kolkata Knight Riders in two different seasons.

His personal coach, A. N. Sharma, who has also been Virender Sehwag’s coach, said, “Sangwan took the drug substance to minimise the shoulder pain. Perhaps, he may have consumed it unknowingly”.

“Yes, he is under rehabilitation after underwent surgery in England. I met him once after his return and was informed his first meeting with the BCCI official went well”.

“The result of his second urine sample is unlikely to be different because the second sample is taken from the remainder of the first urine sample”.

The BCCI is in the process of forming the tribunal commission consisting of foreign experts.

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
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