Rasool’s time will come with India says father

Parvez Rasool’s friends and nearby shop-keepers in Bijbehara town in Jammu and Kashmir had gathered at his residence in the morning. They had hoped Parvez’s inclusion in the final XI to-day and the father had invited them to watch the match at his residence.

by Bipin Dani

“Yes, we were confident about his playing in the match today but were disappointed when he wasn’t on the list,” Parvez’s father Ghulam Rasool Zargar said.

“It was the team management’s decision and we have to accept it. There are captain, coach and team manager and I am sure they would have taken my son in confidence before announcing the final eleven.

“We agree with the decision. It may not have been the right time for him to be included in the team.

But I am sure, his time will and his all-round performance will speak on the day when he plays an international match for the nation”.

“He is still a member of the 15-player squad and insallah will get a chance to play in South Africa. The team is leaving for South Africa tomorrow”, he added.

“All three children (Asif, Parvez and Omar) play the game and me and their mother (Masuda) are proud of them,” he concluded.

Not happy

Earlier, Saleem Ahmed Khan, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) expressed his displeasure over team management’s decision to exclude Parvez from the final eleven.

“India had already won the series then why was he not given chance. The BCCI could have sent only 14 players if they were not to make him play”, he said exclusively.

“It would not be proper to question the wisdom of selectors sitting here, but Parvez being a great all rounder surely deserved a chance”, said JKCA Media Committee chairman, Ranjeet Kalra.

“This series was actually meant to test the talent of youngsters, surely a big chance lost,” he said.

BipinBipin Dani is a Civil Engineer by profession. He is also a senior cricket journalist of India having toured UAE, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Malaysia etc. Contributing for various newspapers in Asia’s four Test playing nations. Contact : geetabipin@hotmail.com

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
He has toured UAE, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Malaysia, to name a few, and contributes to a large number of newspapers in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
His twitter bio reads: Eat cricket stories, drink cricket stories, sleep cricket stories.

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