Gambhir becomes an Essex boy to rediscover his game

Gautam Gambhir is heading to Essex for a brief stint with the English county seeking to find runs and rediscover his game.

Gautam Gambhir at Adelaide Oval

Gautam Gambhir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He told the Times of India, “Perhaps I was not scoring as many runs as a batsman who has played over 50 Tests should. In a way, you can say I’m trying to rediscover my game,” he added. “I’ve been away from quality cricket for some time now and this stint has come at the right time.”

“I’ll try to put in practice the things I’ve been working on in the nets,” he continued. “It is a fine balance between what I want to derive out of this personally and Essex’s goal as a team. In a team environment one should keep personal thoughts aside.”

“While it will be good to score runs, it will be best if I can help Essex win the championship.

“That can even happen by taking a game-changing catch at forward short leg or just by being a selfless 12th man,” he suggested.

“I’ve been working on being positive at the crease — be it my thoughts, stance, getting into hitting a stroke, everything.

“With Raman sir and my coach Sanjay Bhardwaj, I’ve been trying to get into a positive groove, which sometimes gets lost in the pressures of international cricket.”

And targets he has set himself?

Well, the immediate target is to keep my baggage as light as possible as I am travelling with my wife! She is stuffing suitcases as if we are moving to the UK for good!”

“I think if you set targets you end up putting undue pressure on yourself.”

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