Sri Lanka Premier League 2013 cancelled as franchises fail to pay

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has announced that the Sri Lanka Premier League for 2013 has been cancelled. The tournament scheduled to commence on 10 August 2013 will not go ahead because all franchisees have failed to pay the appropriate fee.

The franchises also failed to deposit with SLC the bank guarantees to secure the player payments.

Mad keen Sri Lankan cricket fan will not get to enjoy the SLPL in 2013 (Photo credit: Photosightfaces)

“We want to maintain the integrity of the board and the integrity of the tournament, so we had to take a stand,” SLPL director Ajit Jayasekara told Cricinfo. “We can’t have a situation where the franchises say, ‘We will pay if the other franchises pay’.

“Player payments are a major factor in this. We are the only league in the world not to have defaulted on our player payments, and the franchises failed to provide those bank guarantees. We have given them enough chances and we can’t stand this nonsense.”

Jayasekara said the franchises had not made it clear to SLC that they did not wish to be a part of the tournament, and instead continued to promise to make the payments, before ultimately failing to deliver.

SLC also announced an inter-provincial Twenty20 tournament will be played in place of the SLPL in August, the winner of which will represent Sri Lanka at the Champions League in India the following month.

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