Dhoni may cut short holiday after sad news

Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has received the “sad news” of his closest friend, Santosh Lal, who died in Indraprasth Apollo Hospital on Wednesday. “Dhoni has been holidaying overseas and was scheduled to return in another 8-10 days. But hearing the news of my brother, he may cut short his holiday and may return early”, Santosh Lal’s brother, Rakesh said from Ranchi.

by Bipin Dani

Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Adelaide Oval

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 30-year-old Jharkhand all-rounder was brought to Delhi for treatment. “His health deteriorated more in last five days”.

“He was critical and chances of his survival were 50-50 when he was brought here”, Dr. Ajay Kumar said from Delhi.

“The dead-body was brought to Ranchi at around 3.00 PM and we are engaged in the last-rites”, Rakesh Lal further added.

Santosh Lal is believed to be an inventor of “helicopter shot” and many believe he taught the stroke to Dhoni. However, Sachin Tendulkar is also believed to have tried this shot in the past.

Afghanistan’s wicketkeeper and batsman, Mohammad Shahzad has been playing this shot regularly, informs Basheer Stanekzai, his High Performance Manager.

Speaking from Kabul, he said, “our Mohammad Shahzad played this shot against Zaheer Khan in Twenty20. In our domestic games, he has been trying this shot often”.

“The 26-year-old Shahzad is Dhoni’s greatest fan and he wants him to be identified as MS”, the High Performance Programme Manager added.

Bipin Dani

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