Cronje named on Delhi Police chargesheet but brother says it’s time to move on

Hansie Cronje has been named on a Delhi Police chargesheet relating to the match-fixing case of 2000. He is the only cricketer named on the document filed in a trial court on Monday.

Delhi-based lawyer Rajiv Shankar Dvivedi, speaking to World Cricket Badger’s Bipin Dani, said that no purpose can be achieved by Delhi police for filing the chargesheet against the deceased cricketer. Cronje’s brother also called for the authorities to close the case and move on.

South African captain Hansie Cronje

Former South African captain Hansie Cronje (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

13-years ago the Delhi Police charged the former South Africa captain with fixing One-Day Internationals in March 2000. Cronje confessed to taking money from bookmakers when appearing at the King Commission hearing in Cape Town. He was banned for life in October 2000 and died in a plane crash in the southern cape on 1 June 2002.

Speaking exclusively from Delhi, Rajiv Shankar Dvivedi said, “The charge-sheet can only be filed against the live person”.

“Perhaps to avoid the embarrassment, the retiring Dewlhi police commissioner Neeraj Kumar may have taken this decision”, he added.

“This is not a civil case. Cronje’s family can not be held liable in this case. The police can not force his family members to defend the case. There can’t be any punishment for Cronje’s family”, he added.

“There is very little information on this (chargesheet)”, Hansie’s brother, Franz Cronje, said from South Africa. “As far as I am aware there has never been any new evidence since the King Commission. Hansie said everything during the King Commission that he wanted to say and none of his testimony has ever been proven to be untrue.”

“He confessed that he gave information to bookies, but always maintain that he never “threw” a match. We show this clearly in the movie that we made about Hansie”.

“I would like to think the time has come to close this case and move on”, he concluded.

BipinBipin Dani is a Civil Engineer by profession. He is also a senior cricket journalist of India having toured UAE, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Malaysia etc. Contributing for various newspapers in Asia’s four Test playing nations. Contact :

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
He has toured UAE, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Malaysia, to name a few, and contributes to a large number of newspapers in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
His twitter bio reads: Eat cricket stories, drink cricket stories, sleep cricket stories.

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