No cricket at 2022 Commonwealth Games after men turn down opportunity

Cricket will not be part of the 2022 Commonwealth Games wherever they are staged after men turn down chance to take part

When South African city Durban was awarded the event it had been planned that cricket would be on the itinerary, however the city was stripped of the event in March after failing to meet a series of financial deadlines.

Birmingham and Liverpool both hoped to include the sport if they were chosen to replace Durban.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), however, wanted both men and women to be included on the programme to ensure gender diversity.

But several full member nations from the International Cricket Council (ICC) are opposed to the inclusion of men’s cricket in 2022 as it would clash with other events. These include a planned Test series between England and India.

“Cricket is no longer scheduled to be part of the Games,” Warwickshire chief executive Neil Snowball toldESPNcricinfo.  “We’ve just run out of time, really. The Commonwealth Games Federation want gender equality and discussion within the ICC about whether members want to send men’s teams is unresolved.

“Combined with issues over the number of athletes, I don’t see any way cricket can be included in 2022.”

Cricket has only appeared in the Commonwealth Games once so far. That was at Kuala Lumpur in 1998 when a men’s tournament featuring some of the world’s top players took place. The tournament was won by South Africa, who beat Australia by four wickets. Notable countries missing from the competition included England.

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