Shastri is Kohli’s choice for India coach, Sehwag has BCCI backing

Ravi Shastri is Team India captain Virat Kohli’s choice as coach and Virender Sehwag is BCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary’s. 

According to highly placed sources close to the BCCI here, Anirudh Chaudhry has backed Sehwag’s decision to apply for coach post. In 2015, Sehwag’s decision to play for Haryana was welcomed by Anirudh Chaudhry. Sehwag, who is running his Sehwag International School in Jhajjar district of Haryana and shares a good rapport with Chaudhry.

It could not be confirmed whether the said BCCI official prompted Sehwag to apply for the post but Sehwag’s CV (indeed it is the shortest, if not a two-lined) among all other applicants mention that he knows all current players of the Indian team.

So, if Chaudhry has his say, there could be a race between Shastri and Sehwag.

“At present no other candidate is front runner but one never knows… We have still few more days to receive the applications,” our source said. “Yes, Viru is outspoken on social media, but then he would be instructed to keep his mouth shut.

“At the most, he would say, “so what… ?, if India loses any match or series”, the source added.

There has also been an attempt to repair the relation between Shastri, who last year was dumped by the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) and Saurav Ganguly, it is also learnt here. It is also evident that the team will have an Indian coach and no foreigner is likely to be entrusted the job.

The BCCI is yet to forward the CVs’ of all candidates who have applied for the post so far, confirmed one of the CAC member to this reporter, also hinting Virat’s choice will be  given enough weight.

Bipin Dani

Bipin Dani

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Bipin Dani

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