VIDEO: A Badger rant: the Future of English Cricket, a cause for concern?

James Buttler, the Cricket Badger, is worried about the future of domestic cricket in England. In this video he discusses his fears…

The ECB’s proposed city based franchise T20 competition that will step onto the scene in 2020 has caused much debate. James is concerned, excited, intrigued, but worried about how the dive into the new world will leave English domestic cricket in the future.

Is an over-reliance on the T20 format a dangerous approach? Where does it finish? Are we getting to the stage where as soon as one incredible T20 competition finishes another starts in a different country and so on. Where certain players just spend their time in different coloured clothing, for different franchises, in a different competiton – will we struggle to tell them apart after a while?

As a man that loves the game, he has more questions than answers, and hopes you’ll come to his aid and put his addled mind at ease…

We know you care about domestic cricket. What are your views, Which side of the fence are you sitting, or are you firmly perched with a leg either side, like James, not quite sure what to think?

It’s an important discussion as it involves all of our clubs and all of our hopes for the future. It’s too important an argument for you NOT to have a say on. So speak up and be honest with what you want to see cricket become.

In the video James mentions the newly formed Cricket Supporters’ Association. Whatever you think, take a look at their website HERE. 

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James Buttler

James Buttler

James has been working as a cricket journalist and broadcaster since 2006.
As the editor of Cricket Badger he is intent on building the website to give quality coverage of the domestic game around the world.
James was the full-time Media Manager at Yorkshire County Cricket Club between 2007 and 2010.
James is a published author and a writer/video contributor to many cricket publications.
He's unsurprisingly a complete cricket badger!
James Buttler

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