IPL Returning Virat Kohli gives AB de Villiers day off and says RCB will attack now full strength

Virat Kohli returns to action on Friday after giving AB de Villiers a day off from training to spend with his family after batting well in the defeat to KXIP.

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De Villiers smashed 89 and looked back to his best after missing the early part of IPL 2017 due to a back injury.

When asked why De Villiers’ had missed training on Thursday, Kohli told Zee News that the South African had been given time off after batting so well. De Villiers good form had been noted and to rest his back he was allowed to spend some time with his family.

“With AB you never question anything because he understands his game better than anyone else,” said Kohli. “We are not bothered with him of not having a practice today. It was a conscious decision by him which is to have a bit of time away from the game.”

Kohli missed RCB’s early IPL matches after recovering from a shoulder injury he picked up in the recent Test series against Australia.

After opting to bat first in the games under Watson’s captaincy the returning skipper, confident now he has a full batting quota available, suggested that RCB would prefer chasing from now on.

“Now with me coming back and all specialist batsmen playing, the thinking might change back again. Bangalore has generally been a ground where you can chase down high totals and tomorrow being a day game obviously that really matters a lot because under the lights the wicket is better during the day time,” Kohli said ahead of Friday’s clash against Mumbai Indians.

“We know we play good cricket at home but last year we won really some good matches away from home and that is why we reached the final, so in order to do that, that is the most important thing factor in IPL, we need to win away games,” Virat Kohli continued. “That is something that we will stay in focus for us through the season if we want to make it to play-offs.”

Virat Kohli also suggested that De Villiers, Chris Gayle and himself would play on Friday and Kedar Jadhav would keep wicket.

“Chris has always been a priority for us in the past so many seasons,” Kohli said. “Last game was a scenario where AB came in, Watto came in and other two guys were bowling well. I think that is why Chris was left out in the last game, but yes what works for us in Bangalore we would definitely go with the strongest combination possible. Chris is the top contender for us to be playing the home games for us.”

Kohli is keen to get back in action but has enjoyed being aware from the spotlight for a period. He didn’t travel with the RCB team for the first two games of the tournament.

“Once you travel with the team, there is a lot happening and to focus on one guy is not fair,” he said. “So you rather stay away and then do your work. I just wanted to let the guys focus on their game and then do their work on the sidelines,” adding that he actually liked staying away from limelight.

“Actually, I enjoyed staying away from it a little bit, not having a camera sitting in the dugout, so I think it was quite refreshing. It was a good break for me.”

He’s enjoyed his rest, but it’s great to have Virat Kohli back.

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