Daniel Vettori, if RCB don’t win IPL2017 then Sunrisers are team to beat again

AUDIO: Former New Zealand captain and left-arm spinner, Daniel Vettori, talks coaching Royal Challengers Bangalore ahead of IPL 2017.

Vettori, speaking in Abu Dhabi before departing for Bangalore, will once again take charge of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the 10th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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With a squad list that contains the serious fire power of Virat Kohli. AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle alongside more world-class talent RCB have a very strong chance of lifting the crown for the first time in 2017.

“It was credit to the men involved that we were able to pick up those guys at the auction and be able to find a way that we could fit everyone in and there are some exceptional players there,” Vettori said. “I think we are a squad that has high expectations and finishing runner-up last year – there’s continual gradual improvement, but that means there is only one spot further up in terms of that improvement.

“If you look through every squad there’s match-winners and exceptional players and there’s probably an expectation from all eight franchises that they have a chance of winning it.”

It’s astonishing that a team with the assets of RCB have never won the IPL. Vettori admits that it would be an enormous achievement for the city of Bangalore if they were to lift the coveted trophy in 2017.

“It would be a huge thing,” Vettori admitted. “It would be a huge thing for Bangalore. When you are immersed in it you become a local and you realise how important it is to the city. For the franchise, the city and everyone involved it would be a massive thing.”

Who does Vettori believe are RCB’s biggest rivals ahead of the IPL 2017?

“I think the thing from last year is that every team has got better,” he suggested. “They’ve all had the opportunity to go to an auction, refine their squad, find some more players.

“The Sunrisers were exceptional last season, Warner was amazing last year and that was one of the big reasons. But also their bowling attack. If their bowling attack can repeat what they did last year then they are going to be a really tough team.”

Vettori, now seen as a specialist T20 coach, has significant experience as a T20 player for New Zealand and in the IPL.

“I played six years in the IPL and it was a format that I really enjoyed.”

And does he still wish he could get out there and play himself?

No, no, the desire to play has left me, the day I finished for New Zealand. There’s a few things that come up here and there, but no, I’m not missing the cricket at all.

We told Vettori that Ashley Giles had said in a recent interview that he still thought he could find four overs as a left-arm spinner…

“Ah look, I bowl more than that in the nets,” Vettori laughed. “It’s the running around and the batting that I’d be worried about!”



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