Yuvraj is no drug addict. Akansha Sharma talks “nonsense” says father

A popular TV show personality in India, Akansha Sharma, has accused Yuvraj Singh of indulging in taking drugs. Yuvraj’s father has described the accusation as “nonsense”.

“What nonsense is she talking? It’s absolute rubbish”, retorted Yograj Singh, himself a former Indian cricketer who has played one test and six ODIs. “I’m a father of four children and none of them are drug-addicts,” he asserted.

Yuvraj and Zoravar, Yograj’s sons from his first wife Shabnam, live with their mother, while Victor Singh and daughter Amarjot Kaur, live with his second wife Meena. Akansha is the ex-wife of Zoravar.

“Yuvraj, like my other three children, are like lions. They don’t eat grass…,” continued Yograj Singh. “The lady who is accusing Yuvraj, should put her own house in order before alleging something”, says Yograj, without even being slightly disturbed with these new allegations.

Yograj also claims “These allegations will not hamper the chances of my son’s comeback — he will certainly comeback and play for India!”.

Initially, Yuvraj Singh’s lifestyle habits were believed to be the cause of his cancer. However, Dr Anshuman Kumar, an oncologist in Delhi, who is aware of Yuvraj’s subsequent treatment, has ruled out these possibilities.

“Yuvraj had a gonadal germ cell tumor situated between the two lungs, called mediastinum, but not in the lungs. It was a gene-related cancer (it can be recalled that his father, Yograj Singh, also underwent cancer treatment) and cannot occur due to smoking”, confirmed Dr. Anshuman Kumar, speaking exclusively from Delhi.  I have met Yuvraj (post cancer treatment in USA) in a social gathering in Delhi and never found him to be addicted to drugs.”

Bipin Dani

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
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Bipin Dani

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