How a cricket bat may look in the future after law change

There is a distinct possibility that the laws of cricket on cricket bat size may change soon. We were interested to see B3 Cricket’s plans to adapt.

Like most things in life cricket cannot afford to stand still. The canny boffins at Nottingham based B3 Cricket have put their thinking caps together and come up with what they have named the Beluga cricket bat – to predict the shape of things to come.

Using their art CAD/CAM design suite to predict and meet the new laws they’ve come up with a piece of willow resembling an air bus. The tagline for the blade appears to be: “They can take our edges, but they’ll never take our boundaries”.

Could you score runs with the Beluga?

B3 cricket can be found at

You can even get your hands on a Beluga bat – email David Bacon at

Photo and video credit: @B3Cricket


One thought on “How a cricket bat may look in the future after law change

  1. 35mm edges with a 65mm spine is just a rumour, what if the MCC restricts the edges to a maximum of 25mm and a spine of 50mm, I hope the MCC goes back to the bat designs of the 80s and 90s when there was a proper balance between bat and ball

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