Mahendra Singh Dhoni takes $15 million legal action over match-fixing allegations

Team India’s (ODI and Twenty20) captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has sent a legal notice to accusers who have alleged that he has been involved in match-fixing.

AdvertUAE2016Quoting Sunil Dev, the 2014 Indian team manager of the tour of England tour, the Sun Star (Hindi Daily) had alleged that Dhoni had fixed a Test match. The media outlet stated he had purposely chosen to bat on a wet wicket in spite of deciding in a team meeting that India would chose to field first should he win the toss. The Test match was lost by India in under three days by an innings and 54 runs.

Reacting to the said report, Dhoni’s Delhi-based lawyers, C&C Associates, sent a nine-page legal notice to the newspaper, a copy of which is in our possession.

“The said video contains footage of an absolute dubious Sting Operation of the aforementioned Mr (Sunil) Dev, which in the present circumstances is nothing but a false propaganda initiated by you to defame my client,” Dhoni’s lawyers say in the notice.  “In fact the so called Indian cricket official (Sunil Dev) who you have credited to be the source of information has strongly denied the incident.”

Dhoni’s lawyers, Rajneesh Chopra and Pratik Malik, have asked the publishers to issue denials to their published report in the next 48-hours or face a legal case against them. The notices have been sent to the publishers by the registered post.

“Our client (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) reserves the right to institute proceedings for the recovery of damages up to Rs. 100 Crores from you on account of the defamation, mental agony and trauma caused to him due to this by causing loss of his reputation,” the notice says.

Rs. 100 Crores is approximately $15million (USD).


Bipin Dani

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
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Bipin Dani

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