#BBL05: Chris Rogers says Chris Gayle a bad role model for young players

Australian opener Chris Rogers has suggested that Chris Gayle was a bad influence on the young players at the Sydney Thunder.

Gayle is at the centre of a sexism controversy after flirting with Channel 10 reporter Mel McLaughlin in a live TV interview during the Melbourne Renegades’ Big Bash clash with the Hobart Hurricanes.

Rogers played with Gayle for the Sydney Thunder prior to his retirement, said he had “never been a fan since” sharing a dressing room with the West Indian left-hander.

“I would go out with him socially or in a group, as you do in a team, and I’d probably distance myself from him,” he told Grandstand. “I was very wary of the role he was setting for the younger guys, and I spoke to them quite a bit about it – ‘do you think this is good behaviour, would you do this kind of thing?’ And all of them, all the young guys to give them credit were like ‘No, we don’t think this is right’.


Chris Gayle

“This is a pattern of behaviour. If you know the guy, you see it over and over,” he continued. “And it’s not just him, there’s a lot of this stuff in the sporting industry, and to defend it I think is not right at all. Like I said, I listen to that and I don’t see it as funny at all. He says it’s just a joke – it’s not just a joke, is it?”

“From what I saw, if I’d have been in the Thunder the next year it would have been my advice that he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the set-up,” he added. “The reason I think he hasn’t played in the BBL for quite a while is because that was what was said. To stay away from Chris Gayle because he brings more trouble than he’s worth.

“The funny thing is, I spoke to Matt Maynard who was the coach of Somerset, and Chris was apparently unbelievable in Somerset. Sold out the place every time he played, to the point where opposition CEOs were willing to pay Somerset so he could come and play away games. This guy has an amazing grab, and he brings crowds. But equally you can’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.”

James Buttler

James Buttler

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