India crowned cricket World Champs after Australia and NZ disqualified

In a dramatic move by the International Cricket Council (ICC) last night Australia were stripped of their Cricket World Cup crown which was instead handed to India.

The Indian controlled ICC refused to divulge the reasons for the host nations disqualification, instead saying: “It seems fitting that Mahendra Singh Dhoni bows out this way.

“All will become clear in the fullness of time.”

In a controversial move expected to send ructions throughout the cricket world, the Indians seem to have benefitted from having beaten the other losing semi-finalists, South Africa, into second place in Pool B.

A spokesman for the ICC, Mr Fap Rilool, added: “Obviously this move is unprecedented - while we feel for the Australians, the right decision has been made.

“There will be a further statement issued at 12 noon UK time.”

Of course this story was an APRIL FOOL

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