Craig Kieswetter to see specialists to continue eye rehabilitation

Craig Kieswetter will see a number of specialists over the coming weeks as he continues to battle back from the horrific eye injury that he sustained last season.

“When he came back at the tail end of last season Craig knew that his eye wasn’t quite as good as it was prior to the injury,” explained Matt Maynard, Somerset CCC’s Director of Cricket. “Then when he played in the Ram Slam T20 over in South Africa it became evident to Craig that the eye hadn’t improved from where it was at the end of the season so that’s obviously a concern for him.

“He will see an eye specialist in Belgium next week, as well as seeing a specialist in the USA. That will hopefully give some indication as to what will happen going forward.

“Craig has got a lot of years left as a top player but it is important that he makes sure he gets his vision looked after which is why he is seeing the best eye specialists in the world,” Maynard continued. “Hopefully, that will give us a better understanding of the long term prognosis.

“As a coach I have had to plan that we won’t see him for the summer.  If the results from the specialists are positive and he feels that he is ready to resume his career before the end of the season then we would be delighted to have him back.”

“Craig has to think quite selfishly at this stage about what’s best for him.  He loves playing cricket for Somerset and I am sure that he would love to continue doing so but first and foremost he knows that his eye has got to be right.”

“Obviously we all wish him the very best with the upcoming appointments with the specialists and hopefully we’ll have some good news for both Craig and Somerset County Cricket Club.”

James Buttler

James Buttler

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James Buttler

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