Sachin Tendulkar says he hasn’t missed playing cricket

Sachin Tendulkar has admitted that he has only missed playing cricket once since his retirement.

In an interview with NDTV Sports he said, “I haven’t missed playing to be honest.

“The only time I felt great was when I was batting at Lord’s (for MCC vs Rest of the World in July),” he continued. “I hit a straight drive and cover drive off Peter Siddle in one over and that’s when I felt, ‘wow, this surely feels great.’ “

He also added that the first advice he gave to another player after his own retirement was to Ajinkya Rahane.

“I told Ajinkya, ‘I have been quietly observing you. Your work ethic is really good and you should continue that way.’ He had played the last Test against Australia and Rohit (Sharma) had got into the side after his ODI double century against Australia. I told Ajinkya that it was all about one’s work ethic and, ‘you can only give back to the game. Continue doing that and the game will take care of you.’”

The first time Tendulkar held a cricket bat after he had retired was in December 2013.

“I was watching my son Arjun playing with his friends at the back of our house and they said, ‘uncle, please come and play with us’ and so I did.”

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