Would franchise Twenty20 cricket work in England? Eoin Morgan thinks so…

Like many sports, England gave Twenty20 cricket to the world and have sat back and watched everyone else do it better. Eoin Morgan has told ESPN CricInfo that England’s chances on the international stage are being compromised as a result.

Morgan believes England are “falling behind massively” due to a NatWest T20 Blast competition that has yet to erupt and because his fellow England internationals are not being tested in overseas competitions.

Morgan, apparently hamstrung by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) when asked whether he was in favour of a UK franchise system, does believe that Twenty20 in England should be played in one mid-summer chunk. He continued that English players should be encouraged to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other overseas leagues.

“It is understandable why we prioritise Test match cricket and why everybody wants to play Test match cricket,” he told ESPN CricInfo. “But for guys who want to succeed and might find a channel in going through T20, one-day cricket and then Tests, I think it is hugely important they expose themselves to the Big Bash and the IPL.

“Something has to be done about the standard [of English domestic T20 cricket]. There needs to be a window in order to significantly improve performance so guys can concentrate on that format.

“One, it would help get overseas guys in, but two, it would improve the standard with guys focusing on one form of the game.”

The current set-up for England’s Twenty20 competition, introduced last summer, sees games played on Friday evenings and weekends. It was criticised in 2014 when the majority of the competition was completed before the schools broke ip for their summer holidays.

So would a franchise system, where the existing 18 counties paired up geographically to create 9, or even 8, franchises, be a positive move?

“Do I think the franchise model might have a place in England? Yes, I think it would,” Morgan stated. “The difficulty comes because we have so many counties. So having a franchise system would mean that the majority of counties miss out, but financially I’m sure they would be rewarded. “I think in order for T20 cricket to move forward, something significant needs to be done about it.”


NorthEast Eagles: Durham and Yorkshire

Red Rams: Derbyshire and Lancashire

Channel Choppers: Hampshire, Kent and Sussex

London Lucifers: Essex, Middlesex and Surrey

SouthWest Cidermen: Glamorgan, Gloucestershire and Somerset

Midlands Minatours: Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire

Black Country Beauties: Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Ignore our names - what do you think? Would you support one of these franchise teams?


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One thought on “Would franchise Twenty20 cricket work in England? Eoin Morgan thinks so…

  1. No. T20 only has another two years left of its shelf life. We can then get back to proper cricket. Franchises will lead to corruption and match fixing as has happened in the IPL. Who can we trust with the money..?

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