Maurice Odumbe says, “Don’t ask ex-wags for players’ testimony in fixing cases”

After the deposition of Lou Vincent’s former wife revealed his involvement in spot-fixing, Maurice Odumbe has called for the Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) to ignore the evidence supplied by aggrieved ex-partners.

Elly Riley, claimed her former husband’s corrupt activity began after he joined the Indian Cricket League in early 2008. Vincent played for the Chandigarh Lions, captained by Chris Cairns.

“I do not understand why these women come out after so many years and especially when the relationship is over,” said Odumbe, who was also banned after his ex-girl friend gave evidence against him. “We have to ask, what interest do these women have with the game of cricket?

“The only time they knew about cricket is because they were married to cricketers - we have to ask if the International Cricket Council (ICC) is paying Vincents ex to come forward?

“We need to know how much my ex and the other women were paid by the ICC to testify against me and other players?”

“It is wrong for ICC to encourage and involve exs,” Odumbe continued. “They are fully aware that these women know nothing and just because they were partners is one reason they should not be trusted.

“If the women really cared for the game, where were they during the height of sweet romance and when they were travelling all over the world?

“It is obvious Vincent’s ex is feeling left out and now she is on a maddening spree to bring down and slander as many people as possible.”

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