Tim Paine’s apology accepted by the Melbourne Stars

The Melbourne Stars have accepted a formal apology from Tim Paine over comments he made on Melbourne radio station SEN about the Melbourne Stars. The Stars will take no further action.

Tim Paine
Tim Paine - quick to apologies ahead of semi-finalrosswebsdale / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

The Hobart Hurricane’s had stoked the fire ahead of Tuesday’s BBL03 semi-final by claiming, “There’s obviously a never-ending salary cap there that the Stars seem to run by and the rest of us live by another set of rules.”

Earlier, Melbourne Stars president Eddie McGuire had threatened to take Paine to court over the allegations, and Paine was quickly forced to read a statement retracting his ‘poorly chosen light-hearted remark’. With typical Aussie forthrightness McGuire advised Paine to stick to on-field matters.

“I made some comments on Melbourne radio last week relating to the Melbourne Stars implying that they operate under a set of rules different to the rest of the Big Bash teams”, Paine said. “These comments were non-factual and were a poorly chosen light-hearted remark.

“I apologise to the entire Melbourne Stars organisation and in no way did I intend to question the integrity of the players, management or Eddie McGuire and his Board, ” Paine continued. “The Melbourne Stars have been the benchmark of the competition this season both on and off the field and I congratulate them for the success they have had so far and look forward to the Semi Final clash tomorrow night here at the MCG”

Melbourne Stars CEO, Clint Cooper said his team had been extremely disappointed by Tim Paine’s comments.

“While Tim’s comments have caused damage to our brand and questioned the integrity of all those involved with the Melbourne Stars, we accept his public apology and the retraction of his statement,” Cooper said. “There is no place in our game for non-factual remarks about such serious issues regardless of it being ‘light-hearted’ or not. The integrity of our game is paramount and we take accusations like this very seriously.”

Hurricanes General Manager Michael Roberts said he was disappointed with the comments made and that they are in no way reflective of the opinions of the Hobart Hurricanes as an organisation.

“The Melbourne Stars have led the way in BBL|03 and are probably the best performing organisation off the field” said Mr Roberts. “Tim’s comments, while said in jest, should not have been made and comments such as these have the potential to damage reputations.

“All Big Bash teams are scrutinised by the League with regards the salary cap and any Additional Service Agreements”, he added. “We have full faith in all teams in the competition that they are abiding by player contracting rules set by the League.”

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