BARBADOS BLOG: The Kirk Edwards debacle

Everyone is in shock over the news concerning the sending home of former Barbados Captain Kirk Edwards from the Nagico Super50 tournament in Trinidad.

writes Jason Greene, WCB’s Bajun Badger

But that wasn’t the first surprise.

That came about a month ago when the news hit the media about Kirk being dropped as the Barbados captain. And that after Barbados won the first-class 4 day championship the previous season under his leadership. It came as a surprise to the public and also to me.

But it also was a surprise to Kirk himself…

He heard about it the same way the public did, through the social media networks and through bbm messages from friends. Is that the way you conduct business as a professional organization? I think we all could agree that that’s some poor management at all levels.

I could remember waking up that morning early to start my early gym session to read it all over my twitter time line. So immediately I opened my bbm messages to see a message already from Kirk himself asking me about the issue.

I asked him,”What’s going on?”

His response was shocking to me…

“I don’t know, you tell me”.

He found out about the board’s decision to replace him as captain the same way I, and many people across the region did. The reason behind this decision still remains a mystery.

Now to the most recent drama - Kirk being sent home from the Nagico Super50 tournament which is being held in Trinidad.

When I heard the news I was doing some live stream commentary at Kensington Oval for the Sagicor Shield finals. They where lots of different stories floating around and I don’t like to get my information like that, so I messaged my good friend directly to find out what was the issue this time.

When Kirk told me that the reason for him being sent home was because he didn’t sign an agreement for receiving clothing kit I honestly thought he was being sarcastic, but when I realised he was serious I couldn’t believe it.

I won’t say much more on this matter as you will have a good understanding after reading the following statement. And for my opinion on this?

All I’ll say is, “When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.”

The West Indies Players’ Association issued a statement entitled ‘Kirk Edwards’ dismissal an abuse of rights’.

An extract from the statement reads:

WIPA understands that the matter arose in relation to the issue of match kit to Mr. Edwards by the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) ahead of the tournament. We are advised that when a player is provided with these items by the BCA, they are asked to sign a document agreeing that the two match shirts and two match trousers must serve them for two years, and that the player will stand the cost of replacement in the event of any damage to or loss of these items within those two years.

Mr. Edwards advised us that he did not sign the document ahead of the 2012 and 2013 seasons because in previous years the kit barely lasted two months before getting to a stage of being unfit for use. Prior to his departure with the team, he was asked again by the BCA to sign the document in order to receive his kit, and he again did not do so. As a consequence he travelled to Trinidad without any official team kit.

On the evening of Thursday January 30th, Mr. Kenroy Williams (Mr. Edwards’ roommate) went to the manager’s room to collect his training kit and meal allowance. While there, the manager told Mr. Williams to also sign for and receive Mr. Edwards’ training kit and meal allowance – without Mr. Edwards’ consent.

On Saturday, February 1st, the manager advised Mr. Edwards that he had been instructed by the BCA to tell him that if he did not sign the document pertaining to the match kit he would be sent home, and that is when WIPA became aware of the matter.

The full WIPA statement can be found HERE…

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