Steve Finn’s technical issues have always gone unresolved, says Ian Pont

England fast bowler Steven Finn, who has flown back from Australia to work on technical aspects of the game, has always facing these problems says Ian Pont, the former coach of the Bangladesh team, who has coached the England and Middlesex pace bowler in the past.


ballinhandPont, who has also worked as Head Coach for Dhaka Gladiators, the Bangladesh Premier League Champions in 2012 and 2013, says, “It’s sad to hear the demise of Steve Finn, but he has always had some technical issues that have gone unresolved”.

“The issue for many coaches is that they ONLY make a change when things have completely gone wrong”, he continued. “It’s like leaving a dripping tap until it creates a flood and causes the roof to fall in before anyone does anything.

“Steve (Finn) will be mentally shot after spending more than two months in Australia while not playing will destroy any young fast bowler”, Pont added. “However, I would question what the heck has been going on ahead of his selection for the Ashes and also whilst on the tour itself.

“It’s fine for coaches to say they are not technical coaches – so then bring in coaches who are?

“It’s quite simple – fix the issues”, Pont suggested. “Any tradesman will tell you that. If you don’t, you can only mask over the problem at best.

“I feel Steve needs a change of environment and coaching and it might be that sending him back to his county will make him feel better as he feel ‘at home’ there.

“We saw with Steve Harmison that some technical issues became mental ones and it badly affected his consistency and Finn is now at a stage where the England & Wales Cricket Board cannot possibly select him.

“I genuinely hope the Middlesex staff can support Steve through this difficult time, but it does raise huge questions over everyone involved in his development, his initial Ashes selection and his ongoing technical support”.

“Repair the leak before it becomes a flood, not after”, he concluded.

James Buttler

James Buttler

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