Over excited Ishwar Pandey forgets his date of birth

India’s new pace bowler Ishwar Pande is so much excited about his inclusion in the team that he forgot his date of birth.


In an exclusive chat on Wednesday morning when he was asked how does he feel to be born on a day when the entire nation is celebrating the independence, he said, i was born on 30th July. The 25-year-old needed reminding that he would be the third Indian, after Vijay Bhardwaj and Hemlata Kala- to be born on August 15 to represent his country.

“Yes, yes, my brother was born on July 30. I was on Aug. 15″, he said. “The celebrations for my inclusion in the team coincided with the 31st. I hardly slept overnight. The party with friends was arranged at my place”.

“My father, the retired army man and mother (Uma Devi) with siblings are very happy and I will try my best to bring glory for the nation”, he added.

Despite his inclusion in two formats of the game for the New Zealand tour, Ishawar Pande is a player of Test matches, feels well-known Hindi commentator Sushil Doshi, whom Pande approaches often for advice.

“His career will be ruined if utilized for the shorter formats of the game,” Sushil Doshi said. “Basically he is a Test class bowler, who can bowl 40 overs at a time.”

“He is a natural out swing bowler like Kapil Dev, but can bowl in swingers too.

“Besides being a good player, he is a keen listner and hesitates to implements the advice given by seniors”, Doshi added.

Mukesh Sahani, his Ranji Trophy coach, says, “Ishawar (Pande) is a very hardworking boy. He came into the game very late. He gets extra bounce because of the advantage of his height (6′-2″)”.

“He is coming from a low profile family. Being a son of an army man, Ishwar Pande is a well-disciplined boy”, Sahni concluded.

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
He has toured UAE, Sri Lanka, Morocco and Malaysia, to name a few, and contributes to a large number of newspapers in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
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