Shane Shillingford did everything to rectify bowling action, says coach Thomas

Shane Sillingford’s bowling coach believes that every spinner has a suspect bowling action. Shillingford, along with West Indies colleague Marlon Samuels, was reported for having an suspect bowling action during the 2nd Test of the recent series in BIPIN DANI

cricketballs (1)Both Shillingford and Samuels were also reported and suspended from bowling in international cricket after their bowling actions were found to be illegal, but were allowed to resume bowling in international cricket after undergoing remedial work and further testing.

“Every spinner today has a suspect bowling action”, said Mervin Thomas, cricket coach and administrator with the Dominica Cricket Board, where Shillingord resides and plays. “When he begins to do well and when he comes from the wrong part of the world the question is being asked”.

“Shane did all he had to do after his action was reported”, Thomas added. “He was scrutinized by the experts, recommendations were made and he also did the remedial work with coaches in Dominica and Barbados at the High Performance Centre and then was given the all clear to continue playing.

“Therefore talk about his action is uncalled for,” he continued. “What we have to do is applaud the young man for fighting adversity and proving to the world as he is a class act”.

Bipin Dani

Bipin Dani

A Civil Engineer by profession, Bipin is also a senior cricket journalist in India.
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Bipin Dani

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