Helmet safety called into question as South African Randall is mourned

Darryn Randall, a 33-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman, was wearing a helmet when struck a fatal blow in a South African club game on Sunday.

Cricket South Africa

Cricket South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“My brother-in-law was wearing the helmet and the ball didn’t hit his head as has been reported” said Ashley Senekul, Randall’s brother-in-law. “He was hit on the neck and was injured behind the ears and although he was taken to the hospital he didn’t live long”.

“The members of both teams had first session with a counselor on Tuesday”, he added. The psychological session was arranged by Cricket South Africa (CSA).

The identity of the bowler has not been revealed, but according to sources in South Africa, a 19-year-old from Fort Hare academy was bowling at him.

The family have been wondering why Randall died despite wearing a protective helmet. The International Cricket Council had appointed a researcher to investigate the safety of helmets sometime ago, but the results of that research has not been made public.

Bipin Dani

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