Did Sehwag decline Essex offer?

It could have been Virender Sehwag and not Gautam Gambhir boarding the plane to England to play for Esses for the remainder of the English Championship season.


Paul Grayson, Essex head coach, told World Cricket Badger that, “Sehwag was not available.”

Virender Sehwag Jat

Virender Sehwag (Photo credit: sihagjat)

The discarded legend of Indian cricket didn’t opt to play for the county, but Grayson refused to be drawn on whether Sehwag had been the county’s first choice. “That I am not going to disclose. We had to hire only one overseas player for the six matches,” he added.

Both Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag have been out of favour by Sandeep Patil and company.

Gautam Gambhir at Adelaide Oval

“What I know is Sehwag was not keen to play,” his personal coach, AN Sharma told us from Delhi. “If he chooses to play, any county would welcome him”.

“As there is heavy rain in Delhi, the batsman has not been able to practice at the academy”, he added.

So, it emerges that Sehwag’s unavailability made way for Gambhir.

“We are delighted that Gautam Gambhir has agreed to join us for the remainder of the season”, Derek Bowden, the Essex County Cricket Club chief executive said. “With regard to player recruitment this is determined by our Cricket Committee following recommendations from the coaching staff and team captain.” he informed us.

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