India threatens to flex muscle over Lorgat appointment

India’s mighty influence over the cricket world was reportedly in evidence at a Champions League T20 (CLt20) meeting held in London a few days ago.

Haroon Lorgat

Haroon Lorgat, the new CEO of Cricket South Africa (Photo credit: Doha Stadium Plus)

Attended by the three stakeholders in the CLt20 competition – the BCCI, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa (CSA) – the meeting saw India reaffirm their unhappiness at the appointment of Haroon Lorgat as the chief Executive of Cricket South Africa (CSA).

The BCCI had put pressure on CSA not to appoint Lorgat, who has said he hopes to iron out any issues he may have with Indian cricket.

“I didn’t expect such a poor relationship to have emanated after I left the ICC,” Lorgat conceded. “I will do my level best to understand what the issues are with those who are not happy.”

“If I need to sit across the table, go to India, whatever it takes. If it means that I have wronged somebody and I need to apologize … I will do so. I will have no hesitation to do so,” Lorgat concluded.

Lorgat has been a proponent of DRS and when he was ICC chief executive he demanded the implementation of the Woolf Report which made recommendations to restructure the ICC in early 2012.

India’s ace cards take the form of threatening CSA’s stake in the CLt20 and their hosting of a full series against India in late 2013.

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James Buttler

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