LCPLt20 team names and logos announced

The Caribbean Premier League announced team names and logos for the six franchises who begin the inaugural competition on July 30.

AntlogoAntigua Hawksbills are named after the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle. Their shells were the primary source of tortoiseshell until their capture and trade was outlawed in most parts of the world. The beaches of Antigua are a great place for a Hawksbill turtle to nest.

BarblogoBarbados Tridents are named after the three-pronged spear seen on the yellow and blue Barbados flag. It is inadvisable and undoubtedly against the laws of the game to use a trident when batting, but it is a very recognisable symbol of Barbados. The logo which depicts a trident formed as a crown representing the notion of kings, and a desire to win and be dominant.  It is also a reference to carnival costumes and Barbados’ independent spirit.


Guyana Amazon Warriors is on first inspection hardest to compute. Amazonian warriors were an all-female fighting force in Greek mythology. It is questionable whether the Warriors will undergo surgery prior to their first match, but the island is known for its amazon rainforest and the team logo was created using the shapes within the national flag to create arrows and represent the dynamism of the team and its warrior spirit.

JamlogoJamaica Tallawahs are named after a Jamaican dialect word for ‘impressive’. They will be hoping to live up to that billing of being sturdy, strong and not to be underestimated. A well known phrase for children on the island is “we likkle but we tallawah”. There isn’t anything little about the length Chris Gayle hits a cricket ball – that is mightily tallawah in itself! The crocodile is native to Jamaica and is also featured in the Jamaica coat of arms and many of the government’s official seals.

T&TlogoT&T Red Steel is a name which shouts strong. There are many steel works in the area and also possibly a reference to steelbands. Gordon Greenidge will want his team to live up to that tough name and with Fidel Edwards and Kevon Cooper among their ranks they could give batsman more than a steelband to hop around to.

SLlogoSt Lucia Zouks fine their name from a fast tempo carnival style of music originating in that area of the Caribbean. The two characters in the logo are based on a combination of a classic zouk dance pose, a cricketer hitting a six and a backwards dive catch, all depicting th.e team spirit

Fans played their part in the naming via social media and CPL chief Damien O’Donohoe said: “We are thrilled with the final team names and the logos. We believe they are reflective of the character and culture of each country, and I’m sure each team will live up to their name. Our fans had some very inspired suggestions, which were taken into consideration, and definitely contributed to the creative process which resulted in these names.”

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  2. In my opinion all the names given to the teams are suitable especially the Jamaican Tallawahs.

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